Welcome to the Tabernacle of David Restored!

We are a Fellowship of Kingdom foundation believers who put Biblical Israel above everything. Biblical Israel, the nation of 12 tribes, is the foundation of the coming new world order. The new world order has a name: The Order of Melchizedek or the Order of My King of Righteousness.

Biblical Israel should not be confused with the modern UN-created state of Israel. The former was created by YHVH Elohim before the foundation of the world and was predestined to serve our sovereign King, YHVH.

YHVH Elohim did not create a religion. Man turned to religion for spiritual fulfillment but Biblical Israel is a nation with law-abiding citizens who obtain their purpose and meaning of life from serving others. By serving others, we serve the King, YHVH.

Our Elohim created the world and He reigns as YHVH. His earthly name is Yeshua. He is our YHVH (King) Elohim (God). There is no other. This does not mean there are not other beings posing as ‘gods’. It simply means they are only gods in the minds of religious people.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all serve other ‘gods’ in the name of YHVH Elohim. These religions seek to join themselves to YHVH Elohim their own way. Biblical Israel, however, is the nation already joined to YHVH Elohim and her Israelite citizens join themselves to Biblical Israel and YHVH Elohim His way.

Tabernacle of David Restored Fellowship is learning how to be citizens of Biblical Israel, not religious adherents; citizens, not initiates of mystery religions. Biblical Israel’s King and His laws are straightforward and easy. Yeshua’s Word is open for all to understand. It applies to everyone equally – no one is left out. His Kingdom is based on equal justice. It is from the standpoint of justice where we begin to have understanding.

Join with us online for fellowship and teachings every Shabbat and Tuesdays. Email Kimberly Rogers-Brown for details on how to connect with us!